Humans have always understood their surroundings through songs, stories and colours. And an occasional yoghurt flavour or street named after some famous dude. Data breathes life into these narratives, and hopefully filters out our collective, colossal, & cosmic stupidity. We're better off than our ape brethren because of our stories. We also try to kill each other - well, stories. Over 1.3 billion such humans live in India. India is a vibrant land, full of said songs, stories and colours. We don't understand her very well, though - at least I don't. This is an effort to fix that. This is a collection of data stories & visualizations exploring Indian politics, business, entertainment, news and sports.
This is Numbers Of India.







Public ToDo List

Numbers of India was created by Akash Mukherjee ( ), who stays in the US. It is currently maintained and developed by Vivek Aithal ( ), who can be spotted in Berkeley (USA), on pleasant, sunny days. We create most of the visualizations and stories here, with an odd contribution from friends/family/pets. This is a side project, so please be kind if NOI is not regular, and please be brutal if NOI is not useful or delightful.

If any task/story/analysis on the public to-do list below seems interesting, get in touch, you!